Your Story...Creatively Refreshed

You send us the 'before' slides.


We send you the 'after.'

It's that easy!

I Have To Speak

For CEOs, Speakers, and Salespeople

Presentation Makeover

$1,500 - $5,000 We'll take your slides from 'before' to 'after.' Bring a clear message or we can help you shape it. Either way, it will pop!

[Pricing based on a 20-slide, 50-minute presentation]

I Love To Speak

For Professional Speakers 

New Keynote Slide Library

$6,500 - $10,000 Get a completely new library of head-turning slides that you can plug and play for multiple audiences. Can you say more gigs at higher fees?
[Pricing based on 45-60 custom slides]

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

“It’s one thing to see others’ before-and-afters. Quite another to see my own. I really feel the difference. To a speaker, that is so important. I so get what you do at a much more personal level now.”

– Mike Wittenstein, CSP

Clarity & Impact Are Worth It

With a high-clarity and high-impact presentation on the screen behind you, you'll notice more engagement, more eye contact, and build a stronger connection with your audience. CL3-designed slides make your key messages faster and easier to understand.

Wanna Know the Details?

Creative Kickoff

We host a creative kick-off chat with you that centers on you, your passion, your presentation, your audience, your style, and your desired outcomes.

Swirling Ideas

You send us your current deck, notes, and any ideas swirling about in your head.

Story Arc

Before we touch a mouse or pick up a pencil, we think. Hard. We figure out the gist of each element of your presentation and the story arc that makes it easy for your audience to understand from start to finish.

Pro Tools

OK, then we touch the tools. Professional design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Message Volume

We make sure that each idea pops, that the typography supports the 'volume' of the message and that the graphics get through the eyes and right into your audience's heads and hearts.

Play Wow

Once you approve the final, we pack up all the files so that all you have to do is press PLAY and your audience will feel wowed.



We'll set a kick-off date @ or upload your current presentation for a free quote.
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We'll send you a simple scope of work with all the creative details and email invoice #1 for half.


We creatively work together and once you love it, it will be time for invoice #2.


You earn a presentation design gold star. Fancy-pants presentation...D-U-N!

Thanks CL3 Design

“When your audience starts mentioning the quality of your slides in their feedback you know you are on to something. Thanks CL3 Design!”

– Michelle Cederberg